We solve any doubt

The biggest unit will fit 7 people.

It depends in the number of people and the dates. Please contact us to discuss dates, availability and rates.

No pets are allowed in the bungalows but in the trailer park we allow a few pets. No barking and pets must be on a leash in the park. If you have a pet, please inform us to confirm permission.

The easiest way to get to El Caracol from the airport is to take a taxi. Another option is taking a bus. It is cheaper but if you do not speak Spanish and this is your first time, we recommend you take a taxi.

Lo de Marcos beach is 2.5 miles long with pearl color and fine sand. The ocean water is blue-green with medium temperature. There is lots of tropical vegetation.

You can find all touristic services, including boat rides to Rincón de Guayabitos, el Coral and Cangrejo islands, del Beso and Tortugas shore. Gastronomy is based in fresh seafood and Mexican food.

You can enjoy a refreshing ocean bath or making something more energetic like swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, surfing or fishing.